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: Cromsource

    Cristiano Daolio received a Degree in Business & Economics in 1994 and a Master Degree in International Management in 1995. He has completed his education program with a Business Executive education session at Harvard Business School 2005 (“Driving Corporate Results”) and then at London Business School in 2007 (“Financing the Entrepreneurial Business). His first Business Experience started as an Auditor in Ernst & Young Group from 1995 to 2000. From 2000 to 2009 he has worked in International Group both in manufacturing and services areas.  He had many responsibilities, also at International level, as Chief Financial Officer and Country manager. He did many projects in Strategy Development and Strategy Execution areas.

    In 2010 he joined CROMSOURCE as a Country Manager and Director of most of the foreign entities. In the last 18 months he was in charge for acquisition processes performed successfully by CROMSOURCE. He is teaching as Non Academic Professor at “SDA Bocconi Business School” in Milan in the Marketing area.

    LAB 9: Open and Networking Innovation model

    Content Guru: Cristiano Daolio, Chief Strategy Officer, Cromsource

    Format: Interactive Workshop

    Timings and Location: Lab C (First Floor)

    14:15 – 15:30, 15:45 – 17:00

    What will you learn?

    1. Introduction to Open Innovation
    2. Understanding the ecosystem of shared value: how companies must team up with Governments, NGOs and even rivals to capture the economic benefit of social progress
    3. Working with Start-ups: a new partnership model and road map with some concrete example and key studies on how start-up can work with Corporation and Government Agencies
    4. The transformative Business Model: How to link tech trends and market/customer need to generate a successful business model
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