Gill Bejerano

: Stanford University

    Gill Bejerano, Stanford University genomics associate professor, is a world expert in human genome evolution. He discovered ultraconservation, and has published seminal works on the evolution and function of human gene regulation. His group’s web tools have been used over 1/2 million times, aiding a thousand publications. Dr. Bejerano’s group is now focused on genometype – phenotype mappings. We solve the genomes of very sick kids and study the efficacy of gene therapy cures. We are also fascinated by the genomics of mammalian adaptations. Our computational genomics toolbox includes machine learning, natural language processing and network analysis. Recognition of Dr. Bejerano’s academic achievements include the Packard, Microsoft, Sony, Mallinckrodt, Searle, Human Frontiers, and Sloan awards. See

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