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: Hooks Strategy and Innovation

    Herve is a seasoned design manager and has over 25 years of design experience: during ten years he has been appointed as the Europe Middle-East and Africa Design Manager for IBM EMEA Headquarters in Paris. Then he moved to P&G Headquarters in Geneva as Senior Design Manager for Home Care, Dish category.

    At Procter, Herve accomplishments included: Development of the western European Dish brand architecture and design theme, successfully bringing it to shelf with positive business growth. He developed the Fairy Tale story of the UK Fairy brand and inspired the team to use the iconic white bottle as part of a heritage big idea that took the UK value share to a record high of 73%. The promotional design system he created is now rolled out all over P&G and quoted as a Best in Class case study. Herve has also led many design thinking programs to help inspire the Front End Innovation benefit areas for the R&D organization, helping to fuel the $150MM hand dish benefit pillar. Today, Herve has relocated his consulting firm HOOKS Strategy & Innovation in the Emirates and helps public sector organization as much as private businesses embrace Design Thinking as a sustainable branding strategy and innovation tool.

    LAB 2: Sustainable design thinking – skills to have before you embark on design thinking

    Content Guru: Hervé Collignon, Founder and Managing Director, Hooks Strategy and Innovation

    Format: 4 interactive activities

    Timings and Location: Open Lab A (Innovation Arena)

    10:30 – 11:45,  15:45 – 17:00

    What will you learn?

    1. Four exercises: Across 75 minutes, participants will experience a series of four exercises to help them experiment with fundamental skills to deliver human centric innovation
    2. Storytelling: use creativity to empathise and ensure that you are able to tell compelling stories
    3. Learning to fail: there is no innovation without failure, as long as you learn from it. The earlier your fail, the faster you recover to try other solutions
    4. User journey analysis: Analysing user journeys is key to understand gaps and what raises its frustrations
    5. Empathy: Step in someone shoes just for 5 minutes is essential to approach challenges from another angle
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