Mohamed Al Hosani

: Emirates Foundation

    Mohammed AL Hosani responsible on all major programs in the foundation and follow-up with other initiatives. One of this initiatives is Emirates Award for the Arabian Gulf Youth, starting from the stage of
    evaluation of new ideas and projects, through existing project management, and monitoring of the progress in, and support its expansion at the all Emirates level. Beside he’s part of
    platform team. AL Hosani also works to ensure the foundation’s ability to implement the best international practices in the field of development and investment potential of

    And one of the major programs administrated by Mohammed AL Hosani is Takatof Voluntary Social Program by Emirates Foundation for Youth Development, the first founders of the program has had a
    lead in promoting a culture of volunteerism and to foster a culture of volunteering throughout the United Arab Emirates. Where he works on the leadership of many voluntary initiatives and projects that
    touched the lives of thousands of volunteers, individuals and families within and outside the United Arab Emirates. AL Hosani also assume the responsibility of the National Emergency Response Volunteer
    Program (SANID), which works to create and train volunteers from different emirates about how to respond in an emergency or crisis at the local or national level. In addition he administers Kafa’at
    Program which aims to train and encourage youth and enable them to work in private sector and how to start their own business with extensive training in the field of leadership.

    One of the main initiatives that are followed up with Mohammed Al Hosani is Emirates Award for the Arabian Gulf Youth under the patronage of His Highness Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of
    Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Emirates Foundation. And the award is platform for the pioneers of community projects of young people in Arabian Gulf national to present their ideas, and to take
    advantage of the experts who will assist them in crystallizing their ideas and develop it.

    Al Hosani started his career with the Emirates Foundation at the beginning of 2013, where he was program management of Think Science and Kafa’at, He worked on Emirates Bank, Mashreq Bank and
    Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.

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