Thea Myhrvold

: EdTech Solutions and

    Thea is the Managing Director and Founder of EdTech Solutions and which is an organization passionate about education, and making it more accessible through modern technology. Her team boasts both educational and tech experts who have a passion for education as well as an interest in user interface design, trend spotting, psychology, and digital marketing.

    LAB 8: Silicon Valley Agility: How to function with the agility of a Silicon Valley start-up – either internally or through co-creation bridging the gap to fuel new innovation together

    Content Guru: Thea Myhrvold, Founder and Managing Director, Teachmenow

    Format: Interactive Workshop

    Timings and Location: Lab C (First Floor)

    10:30 – 11:45

    What will you learn?

    1. How to ensure that your company has the agility of a silicon valley startup
    2. How to identify, nurture and empower intrapreneurs within your organisation
    3. How to find the right startup to partner and leverage startups pilots and rapid prototyping to accelerate new products and services time to market
    4. How Government and Startup could successfully work together in the “Open Innovation Era”


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