Grassroots development programme


Incubate is geared for organisations that want to do something extraordinary

In this era of ‘stop-marketing : start-engaging’, incubate is a platform enabling organisations to co-design powerful initiatives that drive the development of the future. Coupled with broad interest marketing and PR campaigns, incubate allows companies to truely showcase their support to the youth in flexible formats such as -challenges, Xlabs, hackathons, bootcamps, accelerators and more!


How it works


In partnership with InnovationLive! 2016, PepsiCo grabbed this invitation with both hands and gained an enormous amount of valuable, informal data on it’s core market; youth. By challenging tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through it’s ‘PepsiCo Innovation Challenge’, they were able to gain first hand, an understanding of what matters most to young, creative minds; what excites, influences and motivates them to perform.

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