Think tanks composed of government and business, working to solve challenges and recommend policy to enable Vision 2021



Carefully curated focus groups of 10 – 15 members, per watercooler each working to solve prescribed challenges


Partnership with government entities to identify relevant focus areas and stakeholders aligned with the Innovation Strategy


Composition of each group is approximately 50% government and 50% private sector influencers


Selected outputs from watercoolers to go on to become policies and projects through our Government partners


A cross-challenge community of 120+ Watercooler members


Output driven reports with recommendations and the way forward

2017 Watercooler


In association with


How does the UAE develop a consistent, linked healthcare quality index and improve its ranking to number 20 (Legatum Prosperity Indicator, present Rank 28) as per Vision 2021’s KPI?

we’re dissecting new ways to care for life…

In association with

Innovation 360

How do we help government and private sector organisations engage their human capital in innovation to ensure continuous improvement, ultimately evolving to an organisational culture of innovation?

We’re lowering barriers so more employees can raise the bar on innovation.


How do we increase the share of clean energy contribution in the overall energy mix to 27% by 2021?

We’re clearing the air on energy issues…


What is the way forward for the UAE to develop into a real-time, connected, digital ecosystem offering seamless individual and business experiences?

We’re connecting the dots to make services and experiences seamless…


How can the UAE advance STEM education in order to bridge the skill gap between millennials and the current workforce?

We’re cultivating insight into foresight to close the generation gaps…


How does the UAE effectively harness the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to become a global leader in the field?

We’re decoding how artificial intelligence will make our lives safer, smarter and more sustainable…

Waste Management

How can the UAE sustainably achieve the Vision 2021 target of 75% percentage of treated waste in relation to total waste generated?

We’re refusing to accept ignorant attitudes towards waste…


How do we introduce regulations to support entrepreneurs reduce initial startup costs and gain funding easily?

We’re setting-up better regulations for great ideas to become tomorrow’s unicorn…


How do we effectively leverage public and private sector collaboration to achieve the UAE’s vision to lead global driverless/autonomous vehicle usage by 2030?

We’re paving the way for driverless cars…


How do we pinpoint projects which create knowledge partnerships between government, universities and international -companies to transfer industry expertise, technology and R&D?

We’re landing new ways to enable full knowledge transfer…

One platform /

4 distinct engagement and communication opportunities

Jul - Sep 2017


Live panel broadcast per watercooler, which will discuss the core question and identify the challenges standing in the way of innovation

OCT 2017


Half-day workshops per watercooler focused on solving its challenges through strategy and collective thinking in teams of 15 industry leaders and innovators

21 Nov 2017


The event features live hackatonstyle sessions per watercooler where recommendations are conceptualised and fed into an outcomes report

5-6 Feb 2018


The mega-event, held as an Anchor event during the UAE Innovation Month will feature live panels focused on individual watercooler recommendations and implementation plans

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